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Here is a different view of the days that I walk this earth. Like many, I'm just passing through, but I share these pieces with you. Slices of my life, my family, my work, world and wisdom. I haven't the time to do a full blown blog on myself, so I use this to collect what elevates, inspires and catches my interest. These posts ever aid me in my faithful "pursuit of happyness". So follow me as I tumbl' through the ages, updating from my iPhone, and letting the pieces fall as they may. Every so often you need to jump off the cliff to make those wings come alive again ;)
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Rick Newman takes Harley’s new electric motorcycle, Project LiveWire, out for a test drive in Lower Manhattan.

Personally I think it’s awesome and would buy one in a second if it comes on the market. I am not a Harley guy but for once I would say I would buy one.